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U.K. Should Not ‘Roll Out Red Carpet’ For Donald Trump, says London Mayor

United states president Donald Trump is supposed to have a state visit next year in the United Kingdom but London mayor Sadiq Khan thinks it is still not right for the British government to “roll out the red carpet” for Trump. Khan said in an interview that State visits are different than the normal visits and at this time when USA president has policies that lot of people in his country disagrees, Khan is not sure it is appropriate for the British Government to roll out the red carpet. Khan’s…

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Social Security beneficiaries News What's Hot World 

Social Security beneficiaries to receive an increase of 2.2% in cost of living

There is a projected increase of 2.2% in cost of living among Social Security beneficiaries in 2018. This will be the most since 2011, and would come to about $30 a month for an average retired worker. However, this is a relative bonanza compared to the 0.3% adjustment for 2017 and the unaltered paychecks in 2016. The adjustments in the cost of living have been low because of inconsistent weak inflation in the recent past. The official cost-of-living increase for Social Security recipients will be released by the Social Security…

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shooter firing News What's Hot World 

A shooter firing from a boat off Seattle, shot dead by the Police

A man was shot and killed by the Police on Sunday morning, who was seen firing a gun for several hours from a boat anchored off an island near Seattle. This incident that had begun at around 8:30 p.m. local time on Saturday, finally ended when the police shot and killed a man in Bainbridge Island – according to Police Chief Matthew Hamner. Bainbridge Island is situated in Puget Sound, a 35-minute ferry ride from Seattle. The police had received calls about this man who was firing shots from a…

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A California Bill to review environmental impacts of pumping out groundwater

According to a new bill in the state Legislature, California will need to review the impacts a company’s proposal to pump groundwater from below the Mojave Desert will have on the environment. The groundwater will then be sold to Southern California cities. This plan created a lot of controversy, and hence, was slowed down by President Obama. But, it seems it now is backed up by the Trump administration. The company, Cadiz Inc. wants to pump 16.3 billion gallons of groundwater every year, in the heart of the desert, a…

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July 4th News What's Hot World 

July 4th – What will be open and closed?

America is all set for the 4th of July weekend with fireworks, barbeque and baseball. July 4th falls on a Tuesday this year; and many people are taking the Monday off to enjoy the 4-day weekend. But not everything will be closed. Here’s a list of what’s open and closed on the Independence Day Weekend Government offices Being a federal holiday, all offices are closed on Tuesday. Monday, however, is not federally recognized. Checking your local listings is advisable. Banks Almost all banks will be shut on Tuesday – including…

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terminally ill patients News What's Hot World 

Under California’s new right-to-die plan, 111 terminally ill patients end their lives

111 terminally ill patients have legally ended their lives after a new right-to-die law came into effect in California in 2016. On the completion of the first six months since the implementation of the End of Life Option, which lets terminally ill people to request for life-ending drugs, The California Department of Health has reported 191 people receiving life-ending prescriptions under the law. These people had six months of life or lesser to live. Out of them, 111 of them had taken the pills by the end of December. According…

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rape News What's Hot World 

You can’t charge anyone of Rape if consent is revoked during the Act: NC Case law

It came as a blow to Aaliyah Palmer when an old North Carolina law rule surfaced that a person cannot be charged with rape if the other person in the act revokes consent during sex. 19-year old Palmer said that she was a victim of a sex crime, back in January; when she was pulled by a man into the bathroom for sex, for which she had given her consent. However, she had asked the man to stop when the sex turned violent – but he didn’t listen. In 1979,…

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Otto Warmbier News What's Hot World 

After 15 months of torture, Otto Warmbier dies after returning home

After spending 15 months in a prison in North Korea, Otto Warmbier returned home to America; but died on Monday afternoon. In a statement, his parents said that there couldn’t have been any other outcome to the awful torture and mistreatment their son was subjected to, in North Korea. Supposedly, when Warmbier landed in America on June 13, he was neither able to talk, see or even respond to verbal communication. His condition was described as ‘Unresponsive Wakefulness’ by the doctors at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. According to…

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