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Trump and First Lady withdraw themselves from an historical event

The White House has already been facing quite a few boycotts by different honorees. And now, it announced that President Trump and first lady will not be participating in this year’s annual Kennedy Center Honors ceremony. This is being done in order to avoid any political distraction for the recipients of the prestigious award. This arts and humanities award, which go back as long as 40 years, and is presented every December at a ceremony at the Kennedy Center, rewards honorees for their lifelong contribution to arts and the positive…

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This is what North Korea wants from U.S.

Steps to deter a U.S. attack against North Korea is the reason why North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is in a hurry to develop nuclear missiles which can reach United States. In the possibility of a future talk with the Trump administration aimed at defusing this very dangerous crisis that both the countries are presently at, these are at least four of Kim’s probable demands — although, it’s a far cry that all of these would be met. Assurance that U.S. will not overthrow North Korea Considering previous instances…

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How can a devastating war with North Korea be avoided?

The probability of a cataclysmic war on the Korean Peninsula is so threatening, that U.S. and North Korea are being urged by its allies and China to try and settle the matter with dialogue and arrive at a diplomatic solution. There could be several small strategic steps which can be taken, including a suspension of damaging threats, acknowledgment of the fact that North Korea is a nuclear-armed state and total freeze on nuclear weapon tests by Kim. But, having chalked out all the possibilities of a peace treaty, none of…

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Two Boy Scouts dead News What's Hot World 

Two Boy Scouts dead and one critical after a sailing fiasco

Two Eagle Scouts died, and another scout is holding on to life in a tiny East Texas town after the Catamaran the boys were sailing, hit a power line. The entire town was in mourning. The victims were identified as Heath Faucheux, Will Brannon and Thomas Larry. They were all between 11 to 17 years of age. More than 300 people participated in a candlelight vigil in Hallsville, a town about 130 miles east of Dallas, in memory of the young boys. According to preliminary investigations, the Scouts were electrocuted…

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Minneapolis explosion News What's Hot World 

Minneapolis explosion kills 2

A building exploded and collapsed at Minnehaha Academy on Wednesday, and authorities pulled a second body from the debris. After looking in the rubble for an entire day, Fire Chief John Fruetel said that his team had located and extracted the body of 81-year old school custodian, John Carlson – which brought the death toll to 2. The first body recovered was of Ruth Berg, the receptionist at the school, who was found dead in the rubble. Fruetel announced that the bodies were found close to each other. There was…

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U.S. Missile Defense Agency News What's Hot World 

U.S. shows its military might following North Korea’s ICBM test

The U.S. Missile Defense Agency (MDA) tested its Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) defense system in Alaska by launching a ballistic missile over the Pacific. A U.S. Air Force C-17 plane fired this missile, which was successfully intercepted by a system based in Kodiak in Alaska. Apart from successfully intercepting the target, the data collected will enable MDA to improve the THAAD weapon system along with their modeling and simulation capabilities, and their ability to stay ahead of any pertinent threat. The U.S. B-1 bombers were escorted by South…

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Human Trafficking News What's Hot World 

Texas deaths a sad reminder of Human Trafficking

The news of the horrifying discovery of dead bodies and some other near-death immigrants in an 18-wheeler trailer truck last weekend made headlines and shook the immigrant community in America. The incident is, however, just one in a string of deaths that comes with these migrants trying to enter U.S. illegally; more so, because Mexican-based organized crime rings become deeply involved in human trafficking. Immigrants primarily die from dehydration walking across the desert-like areas in South Texas. Some even drown trying to cross the Rio Grande, and are left there…

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Police Chief Minneapolis News What's Hot World 

The Police Chief of Minneapolis resigned amidst the shooting of the Australian woman

At the request of the city’s mayor, the Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau resigned on Friday night as she came under the radar after the shooting of an Australian woman who called 911. In a statement released Friday, Harteau said that she had decided to step aside and make way for a new team of leadership to take over and see what more could be done for the Minneapolis Police Department to be the very best. Mayor Betsy Hodges affirmed that although Harteau had served the city for 3 decades…

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