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Int-Ball News Technology What's Hot 

Tiny little cute robot to take over space documenting duties

While robots on earth are committing suicide on shopping mall’s ponds, another little robot has just started a PR mission out of the earth (in space). This tiny robot cute little robot is called Int-Ball which is basically a drone that will be used in the International Space Station as a remote camera. This adorable cute little bot is created by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) and made fully out of 3D printed parts. It is can glide around the zero gravity environment effortlessly due to its 12 directional…

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Cyber Harassment News Technology What's Hot 

Half of American is victim to Cyber Harassment – Research Says

Approximately 41% of Americans are victims of online harassment -says a new Pew Research Center study. Which means, 1 in 5 Americans are subjected to some or the other form of online harassment, including sexual harassment, stalking or even physical threats. There are some other cases involving name-calling or efforts to embarrass. According to the study, some people try to stop abusive behavior online on behalf of others. 3 in 10 people have said to have intervened on behalf of others in such cases. People who participated in the survey…

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Volvo News Technology What's Hot 

Volvo putting a stop to conventional combustion engine

One of the most progressive car manufacturers, Volvo have made an amazing announcement. They have declared that from 2019 they will not make any car with the conventional combustion engine. So no petrol or diesel engines only electric or hybrid cars from Volvo from the year 2019. Though several countries have declared ban on conventional combustion engines in near future this is probably first and largest commitment made by any conventional vehicle manufacturer towards electrification of cars. President and Chief Executive of Volvo Cars, Håkan Samuelsson said that electrified car’s…

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VR180 News Technology What's Hot 

Now you can create VR Videos with Google

Last week Google introduced VR180, a new video format, which has been developed with insights from its Daydream team. This new video format shows only what is in front of the user and delivers a good quality video – both on desktops and mobile phones. The VR180 videos appear in 3D VR when viewed with Cardboard, on the Sony Playstation VR headset and on Google’s Daydream headset; and on desktops and mobile devices they appear in 2D. Now creators will no longer have to choose between making a 360 video…

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Apple News Technology What's Hot 

Apple hasn’t really changed since its inception, 10 years back

Apple just celebrated 10 years since its iconic iPhone was launched, on last Thursday. Former CEO Steve Jobs had unveiled the original iPhone – and since then, the company has sold over a billion handsets worldwide. iPhone is now considered one of the most successful product categories in the electronics industry. iPhone disrupted the mobile phone category soon after it was launched on June 29, 2007. The mobile phone industry at the time, was dominated by companies like Motorola, Nokia, Blackberry and Ericsson. Over the last decade, there has been…

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Apple Park News Technology What's Hot 

Apple Park taking everyone by storm

Apple’s new headquarters, the Apple Park is nothing like Silicon Valley – as it is taking shape and adding landscape. A recent drone flyover footage was released by documentarian Duncan Sinfeld over the weekend, which revealed the initial images of Apple’s new headquarters, the Apple Park. Sinfeld, has been observing the construction of Apple headquarters construction since its initial stages, and it is now nearing its completion. The campus’ main building is known as the Ring. The building spans across 2.8 million square feet and looks almost done – with…

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Google News Technology What's Hot 

A Job Aggregation site by Google promises targeted results

Earlier this week, Google announced the much-awaited launch of its new job search aggregator. It followed Google’s last month’s announcement of Google for Jobs program at the company’s annual conference. This initiative will enable Google users to look for jobs – both on mobile phones and PCs, and will also let them use filters to get highly targeted results extracted from different sites across the Web. At the keynote presentation last month, Google CEO, Sundar Pichai had confirmed that the company had always wanted to use machine learning to increase…

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HomePod News Technology What's Hot 

Apple pulls the curtains on the HomePod

Another Apple Worldwide Developers Conference keynote is on the cards, and quite a few Apple products which will be under the radar – which includes the new iPad Pro, the updated iMac Pro and the Apple HomePod. All eyes were particularly set on the Apple HomePod. The HomePod is Apple’s smart speaker that is looking to dominate your entire home and the gadgets that are nested there. It is a 4-inch woofer and seven tweeters pack, with six microphones which will pick up your voice commands intended for Siri, wherever…

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