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How essential is the new Essential?

When you call a smartphone “Essential”, it itself is a very bold step. It suddenly comes under the scanner and people want to know how it’s different from the high-end smartphones we already carry. But, the fact is – It isn’t. The Essential phone is a debutant product from a company called Essential Products. It was conceived by Andy Rubin, the person who was behind the Android operating system, and who later joined Google when Android was acquired. The phone looks and feels like a well-made superior handset the moment…

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Smartphone News Technology What's Hot 

Track your car with your Smartphone now

Cars go missing from the parking lot all the time. Now, you don’t have to install a costly GPS system to keep a tab on your missing car anymore. There is now a way to track your car without digging a hole in your pocket. A startup company based in California has come up with a tiny device that works with your smartphone, to locate your car. The Tracker or ‘TrackR’, as it is called, is a state-of-the-art tracking device – the size of a quarter. And, it’s already revolutionizing…

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Gender discrimination News Technology What's Hot 

Gender discrimination may lead Google to a lawsuit

There is a possibility of a legal action being taken against Google on charges of sexism and pay disparities between their male and female employees. More than 60 women, including current and former employees of Google said that they may take legal action against the tech giant. Some of the women have accused that Google paid them less than their male counterparts despite having equal qualifications and holding similar positions. Some others claimed a hostile work environment in the organization toward women which hurt their career advancement. This potential lawsuit…

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Facebook News Technology What's Hot 

Facebook rolls out another measure to regain Trust

Surrounded by charges of allowing fake news stories to permeate during the 2016 election cycle, Facebook has now began rolling out a feature which will focus on regaining the lost trust of its members. This feature will now typically surround controversial stories with related news stories with different perspectives. This will allow the readers to perceive where the truth lies. Facebook started testing the Related Articles feature, offering different perspectives on stories that fact checkers have signed off as incorrect or fake – including some coverage by legit news organizations….

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Note 8 News Technology What's Hot 

Leaked Note 8 Images show Dual-Lens Camera

According to some leaked photos posted on Twitter, the next Samsung Note phone will have a dual lens camera. A photo of the front of a Samsung black Note8 was posted on Twitter on Monday. Later, the front and back images of the gold and black versions of the phone, was also posted. These photos display a dual lens camera at the back of the phone. The mobile’s also has an edge-to-edge display across the width of the device coupled with thin bezels at its top and bottom. The photos…

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HoloLens News Technology What's Hot 

Microsoft integrates AI into HoloLens Silicon

Microsoft’s next version of the HoloLens may be better at browsing through reality than the current version of the mixed-reality headset – all credits to a new coprocessor the company announced. This second version of HoloLens’ custom multiprocessor, the “holographic processing unit,” (HPU)integrates artificial intelligence into the HPU. This will allow HoloLens to perform the deep learning, which is usually done in Cloud. HoloLens is designed to be a complete holographic computer, with the sensors, battery, and display integrated in the headset. This enables the HPU experience reality without latency….

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Glas News Technology What's Hot 

Glas unveiled by Microsoft. And what more? It teams with Cortana

A smart thermostat, Glas was launched by Microsoft and Johnson Controls this week. This smart thermostat operates on Microsoft’s Windows 10 IoT Core – a special operating system specifically designed for smaller devices. Glas also uses Microsoft’s voice assistant Cortana and its Azure Cloud to help users save energy and monitor air quality in the home, all at once. Domestic Heating and cooling systems account for approximately 48% of energy used, making it the largest chunk of energy expense for most households. The same in commercial buildings account for almost…

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Selfie sticks News Technology What's Hot 

Milan have had enough with selfie sticks

Town hall of one of the most touristic cities in the world, Milan has had enough with the selfie sticks. And to be honest, anyone can understand why. Milan’s town hall has banned selfie sticks from the city’s historic Darsena Docklands area. The ban is applied from the beginning of this summer. The news site “The Local” said the reason for the ban is anti-social behavior of tourists and younger locals in the city center.  Selfie sticks aren’t the only objects to be red flagged though. Containers, tins, glass bottles,…

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