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Airport Traveller Lifestyle Opinion 

Insider Tips for Business Travel

There are two distinct groups of business travelers – those who move in and out of the airport with ease, and those who constantly seem to be in a state of crisis. The business traveler who has been at it a while has a wealth of information and insider secrets they might not be willing to share with just anyone. After all, they earned their stripes the hard way – through the school of hard knocks. But if you follow the below advice you too can join the ranks of…

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Google Neon Opinion Technology 

What Google Knows

Not too long ago, a tremendous scare went through the internet community after the media began exposing the relative ease of uncovering sensitive information on private citizens through online search engines. Not surprisingly, this drew the attention of the Homeland Security agencies that are tasked with identifying potential terrorist sleeper cells. Shortly after the media blitz, the government began to demand access to the search records of all users of the major search engines, and the public outcry against the idea of “big brother” watching began. We are still searching…

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Chiropractor's Hands X-Ray Lifestyle Opinion 

Exercise and arthritis

Each bone must connect to the others through joints, so the skeleton of a human being comprises of bones and several joins attaching them. Every joint has a number of other parts that aid it in working seamlessly, which include cartilage, a number of protective layers as well as rubbery. For reduction of friction, the joints do comprise of a part by the name “synovium” which provides a lubricating fluid. Whenever the cartilage tends to wear off or fail to operate effectively, the joints experience some kind of inflammation also…

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One Way Stock Opinion What's Hot 

Multi Level Marketing 101

Multi-level marketing, also known as network marketing, is a business where franchising and direct selling are combined. An individual is associated with a particular company, but is treated as an independent contractor. He or she is given the support needed from the base company in order to expand his or her business. Independent contractors make their earnings based on the sales they complete in a set time frame, as well as a percentage of the sales of anyone they have recruited to join the business. There is a strong motivation…

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For the employee of the month Opinion 

Employee Retention in the 21st Century

Business paradigms in virtually every department of a firm have been undergoing continuous changes in the last 10 years. The changes have been so dramatic that it has become necessary to step back and evaluate our previous modes of operation in light of new markets and new ways our employees conduct business. The labor pool is changing, and the impact this can have on our bottom line can be dramatic if we don’t critically evaluate our marketing, recruitment and retention efforts. The labor force is well-educated and incredibly sophisticated, and…

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Food Label Lifestyle Opinion 

Reading Food Labels 101

While it is difficult to take account of everything that makes its way to your stomach, you cannot be too busy to take account of the quality of food and drink that you supply to your stomach. The world is full of foods and dishes of different kinds, so you are the judge to know what is fit for you and that that does not work for your stomach. Some people would love to use the programmed scales that indicate the amount of each nutrient you take for every meal…

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Credit Cards Opinion What's Hot 

Using Cash Back Credit Cards for Your Business

Given the vast numbers of credit cards available today, selecting the right one for your business can be very confusing. However, if you are one of those highly organized people who make payments on time – even ahead of time – you can ignore the marketing hype of traditional cards and consider applying for a cash back card. How Do Cash Back Cards Work? Cash back credit cards have all the essentials of a regular card with the added bonus of earning cash back on purchases. The cards typically use…

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Children Opinion What's Hot 

Child protection

The protection of your child is one of the most important aspects in your life that you should sincerely consider and implement. There have been innumerable counts of abuse of children with the statistics showing either a rise or stagnation, but no serious decline as such. To specifically cater to this demographic, there is a governmental agency called Child Protective Services in many parts of the United States of America. This agency primarily deals with reports related to abuse of children or even neglected children for that matter. There are…

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