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Three Coworkers Opinion What's Hot 

The Client Coworker

In the business world, the idea of being customer service and customer satisfaction oriented is not a new concept. Even in businesses that are not directly working with the public, the idea of structuring the company to satisfy the needs of its employees – the people working hard daily to keep it in business – has become a core objective. Successful companies realize the value of being service oriented for these internal “customers.” For those segments of business which have no practical experience in developing a customer service mentality, i.e….

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Headshift business card discussion Lifestyle Opinion What's Hot 

Management by Walking Around

The Management by Walking Around (MBWA) method is a management concept that has gotten a lot of “buzz” in the last decade or so. The concept was created by David Packard during the early days of the Hewlett Packard organization, a Silicon Valley company that was well known for its loyal and highly creative employees – employees that seemed to achieve levels of productivity far beyond the norm.   “The HP Way,” which included the MBWA method, was based on the concept that employees, particularly subject matter experts, are capable…

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Official USS Theodore Roos Lifestyle Opinion What's Hot 

Why Cardio Training is Important

When it comes to life, being fit as well as healthy occupies the center stage. You know that your health is the first asset in your list of wealth, so you had better get ahead with caring for it. Cardio training ranks highly in aspects that will ensure your health, so you better get down and know what it means. Cardio training entails the involvement of all muscles in some intensive activity, which not only strengthens them but also keeps them healthy and fit. Such processes allow the body to…

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Allergy Lifestyle Opinion 

Symptoms of a Pet Allergy

You could be suspecting that you have some allergy to some pet, but you are not just sure if that is the case. Well, pinning down any medical condition, just as allergy is one, involves knowing the symptoms that would precipitate such a condition. This article looks at some of the common and predominant symptoms that point to pet allergies, so read on. The symptoms of pet allergies are much similar to a number of other allergies, which makes pinning down a pet allergy a tall task for many individuals….

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newsletter Opinion What's Hot 

Things to Consider When Publishing a Newsletter

Providing a newsletter for your opt-in list subscribers yields many benefits in terms of driving traffic into your site, as well as boosting the sales and profits of your company. Newsletters are effective tools that do not create a huge dent in your marketing budget and also do not require many man-hours to develop. A newsletter’s primary function in a business setting is to inform the public about the company and products, as well as specialized kinds of services offered. As a business owner, you can use newsletters to update…

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Miami Party Boat Lifestyle Opinion What's Hot 

Yachts and boats – what to see when buying

There will be a lot of owners of boats and yachts that will attest to the fact that owning a vessel such as these is highly exhilarating and rewarding by itself. It may be construed as flamboyant and extravagant, but people with the ‘audacity’ and the money to buy a ride like this would not think twice about any futile comments. As you might already have guessed by now, this is a very expensive affair. Hence, if you are a prospective owner of a boat or yacht, you should realise…

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Banking the Light Opinion What's Hot 

When Banks Explode

The rate of growth in the American banking trade has been so rapid that it appears almost as if the industry has exploded. It’s not uncommon now to see three of the four corners of a popular intersection in town being occupied by different bank branches, a strategy made popular with fast food firms and gasoline retailers. It makes you wonder, just how many banks do we need and why are the institutions spending so much money to put branches in virtually every location that has open space? The trend…

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Ten AutoCon Full Ride Scholarships Available Via TrueCar Sponsorship Opinion What's Hot 


It’s no surprise that the education industry has delved into providing scholarships and partial sponsorships to students, especially international aspirants. It may well be construed that this type of scholarship and their incumbent repayment from the student (if any) becomes one of the most primary sources of funds for the college. The United States, despite the utmost level of quality and panache as provided by the educational institutions, has become one of the costliest hubs for students with their exponentially increasing cost of tuition which recedes in no year. However,…

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