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Bone pieces found inside, 7 million pounds of hot dogs recalled

After complaints of containing bone fragments, a meat supplier company is recalling more than 7 million pounds of their hot dogs and similar products. Marathon Enterprises Inc., a company from the Bronx, New York who processes meat products and well known for their Sabrett brand hot dogs. The recall includes numerous varieties of Sabrett beef frankfurters and the total amount of meat they are recalling is 7,196,084 pounds. A U.S. Department of Agriculture news release stated that from July 10 the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service started receiving complaints…

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Vitamin D Lifestyle News What's Hot 

Could Vitamin D mean a potential cure for Skin Cancer?

Researchers at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine have found that substantial amounts of Vitamin D could be the cure for summertime arch-enemy of every pale person, like blistering, crimson sunburn etc. It has been discovered that people who took large doses of vitamin after an hour of sunburn see long lasting benefits – like considerable reduction in the redness of the skin, inflammation and swelling. This is the first-ever trial to prove the anti-inflammatory benefits of Vitamin D. This is good news for all those people who have…

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grates Lifestyle News What's Hot 

Never oil your grates before grilling

Novice grillers always grease their hot grates before putting food which apparently is wrong. We cannot totally blame the amateur grillers because almost all the websites or books tell us to oil the grates before throwing food into the grill to prevent the food from sticking. But the award-winning cookbook Meathead: The Science of Great Barbecue and Grilling doesn’t agree to this practice rather has other idea on this. According to author Meathead Goldwyn of, oiling hot grates is not a good or healthy idea. He mentioned in his…

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Flip-Flops Lifestyle News What's Hot 

This is the new finding about your Flip-Flops, According to your Podiatrists

When you feel the need to show off your pedicure or have to rush somewhere, flip-flops are your best friend. But, the fact is that their unstructured and thin soles do not offer the required support – and in fact can lead to injuries, in the form of tendonitis, sprains, heel pain, fasciitis, hammertoes, bunions, or stress fractures. Hence, it is advisable to keep a shoe on your feet. The thing with flip-flops is that often you stress your toes, muscles and tendons in order to keep them on your…

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brain cancer Lifestyle News What's Hot 

Can Blood Test detect brain cancer? Researchers trying to find out

Brain tumors were earlier detected through MRI scans and other imaging techniques. These tests aren’t usually the ones that someone would get done as part of a regular check-up. There are a host of symptoms, such as memory loss, headaches, blurred vision, personality changes, or slurred speech which are associated with brain cancer. But by the time these are noticed, it’s often too late; and the symptoms become too aggressive to be treated with therapies. Treatments like radiation, surgery and chemotherapy are also less effective in advanced stages. In some…

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Parkinson’s disease Lifestyle News What's Hot 

There’s a Brain-Gut Connection in Parkinson’s – Research Suggests

We all know Parkinson’s disease to involve the breakdown and subsequent death of nerve cells in the brain. However, what we were not aware of is, that it may originate in the gut – According to a new research. This new study shows that the same protein, called alpha-synuclein, found in brain cells that corrupt and results in the formation of clumps in the brain of people with Parkinson’s, can also be found in cells lining the small intestine. The research suggests that this protein first modifies in the gut…

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Fertility Treatments Lifestyle News What's Hot 

American women are spending a fortune on Fertility Treatments

A lot has been said about the high cost of raising children in the U.S. – where families spend anywhere upwards of $230,000 on an average, from birth to the age of 17. And this figure doesn’t include the college tuition cost. But, it’s the 6.9 million women who resort to fertility services, and whose bills pile up even before they are able to hold a baby in their arms; is the main concern. It costs more than $12,000 for a single cycle of in vitro fertilization (IVF), – not…

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birth control Lifestyle News What's Hot 

A popular brand of birth control recalled after erroneous packaging

All credit to a packaging error, some women may have been accidentally taking placebos believing them to be contraceptive pills. Last month, Lupin Pharmaceuticals, a drug company based in Baltimore recalled a batch of its product, Mibelas 24 Fe tablets after receiving a complaint from the market, which revealed that contraceptive pills were swapped with nonhormonal placebos because of a packaging mix. There are 28 tablets in one pack – 24 with the active ingredients and 4 placebos. These placebos are meant to be taken when women get their period…

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