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Rise in Teen overdose deaths is shocking

According to the new federal data on overdose deaths, the persistent opioid crisis has impacted the American teens in the last years. Within a span of just one year between 2014-2015, surged from 3.1 deaths per 100,000 teens to 3.7, which is about 19% – in the age group of 15 to 19. This data was released by the National Centers for Health Statistics. In 2015 alone, drug overdose costed 772 lives of teenagers. And, the surprising thing is that most of this overdose deaths were not intentional. This jaw-dropping…

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Learn about new things while you are asleep

It is not news anymore that your mind is awake, even when you are sleeping. According to earlier research, sleep helps you store your memories. But not only are you registering old information, you may actually be learning new information while your eyes are closed – according to a new study. In a publication in the journal Nature Communications, the human brain is capable of forming fresh memories during sleep. While researchers played complicated sound patterns, participants were recording Zs. Later, it was found that the snoozers were able to…

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invisible Cancer Population Lifestyle News What's Hot 

Did you know about the invisible Cancer Population?

Every year there are about 70,000 Americans between the ages of 15-39 who are diagnosed with cancer. These are the invisible cancer population. According to the National Cancer Institute, the number of adolescents and young adults who are diagnosed with cancer is six times more than children who are aged 14 or younger. However, there hasn’t been much breakthrough in improvement in the survival rates for this particular age group – unlike pediatric and older adult cancers. In half of the cases, providers don’t even discuss the option of fertility…

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Surge in the Suicide Rates among teenage girls and boys

There has been an increase in the suicide rates in adolescent girls and boys since 2007. Between 2007 and 2015, the suicide rate for girls between the ages 15 to 19 has doubled. On the other hand, the suicide rate for boys between ages 15 to 19 has increased by 30% during the same time period. From 12 suicides per 100,000 individuals in 1975, to 18 suicides per 100,000 people in 1990, the suicide rate for teen boys increased and reached its highest. The numbers then fell between 1990 to…

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tainted alcoholic drinks Lifestyle News What's Hot 

U.S. is warning travelers of tainted alcoholic drinks

After several people experienced blackouts or got unwell after drinking at local resorts, U.S. is warning its travelers to Mexico about a possible tainted alcoholic drink. Last week, a warning was issued on the State Department’s information page for Mexico – urging tourists and travelers to drink with caution. The warning suggested that as some allegations have been reported that consumption of below-standard or tainted alcohol has resulted in illness or blacking outs, people should display caution while drinking any alcoholic beverage; and must seek medical attention if they begin…

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Bell’s Palsy Lifestyle News What's Hot 

Angelina Jolie diagnosed of Bell’s Palsy. Here’s what you need to know about the disease

In an interview Angelina Jolie said that she was diagnosed with Bell’s palsy last year. This health condition, which affects the facial muscles is although usually unheard of, is more common than you know. It is estimated that around 40,000 people are affected by Bell’s palsy every year. And it is most commonly diagnosed in people between the ages of 15 to 40 years; although it can affect anyone. Some other famous people who have struggled with this disease are singer Carnie Wilson and actors Pierce Brosnan and George Clooney….

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Mental Health is the focus on Netflix. But, will that help?

Increased awareness of mental health is leading to more conversations about its effects. But not all the efforts to draw attention to this subject have had positive results. And now, the line between what’s positive and what’s not is no longer clear as Netflix and other entertainment providers are managing mental health issues. “To The Bone,” a movie, released few days back on Netflix, follows the life of a young woman named Ellen, who is receiving treatment for anorexia. The film has received mixed reactions for its candid and detailed…

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Things Flight attendants notices when passengers board a plane

You may think that flight attendants don’t have to do anything with flight safety, they are just there to pour you drinks and greet you at the door. But in reality, they actually also keep an eye on you starting the very moment you board to detect if there’s any threat or any safety issue for you. Jay Robert, a flight attendant and founder of Fly Guy have said Passengers would be surprised by the number of threats flight attendants eliminate. Several flight attendants were asked what they notice about…

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