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Game of Thrones Entertainment News What's Hot 

Spoilers of the Game of Thrones spinoff by Screenwriter

Game of Thrones fans may not be completely dejected after this present season ends, because they might find some find solace in its spinoff (or rather, spinoffs), which will be rolled out after the Season 8 of GoT wraps up. At this point we are not quite sure about what exactly will follow this immensely popular series. But, we do know that HBO is in the process of developing four spinoffs by four different writer groups. All four spinoffs will involve author George R.R. Martin, although, it’s not certain if…

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Jennifer Aniston Entertainment News What's Hot 

Aniston is still being shamed by the Media after a year of publishing powerful Op-Ed

It was sometime early last year when Jennifer Aniston had written an essay, which was pretty forthright in pointing out the relentless pursuit of tabloids and celebrity gossip sites in scrutinizing every aspect of her personal life. At that point, the actor was tired of being dragged under the radar, being body-shamed and ripped apart in media – which led to her candid write-up. She had written that, from the way she has been stalked and objectified for decades only reflected how people calculate a woman’s earth – which included,…

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David Mueller’s lawsuit Entertainment News What's Hot 

David Mueller’s lawsuit against Taylor Swift thrown out of the window

David Mueller’s lawsuit against Taylor Swift has been thrown out by a Denver judge. In a statement, U.S. District Judge William J. Martinez said that it cannot be proved that the former KYGO radio DJ was fired by Taylor Swift. Mueller, who is 55 years old, sued Swift last year for damages, and had said that Swift had falsely accused him of groping her. He had also claimed that Swift and her team had pressured station management to suspend him from his $150,000-per-year job. The judge concluded that Swift had…

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Alan Peckolick Entertainment News What's Hot 

Revolutionary Typographer dies at 76

Alan Peckolick, the artist famous for developing typefaces for Revlon and NYU is no more. He was 76. He suffered a severe fall in his Connecticut home. Peckolick was diagnosed of Parkinson’s disease 15 years ago, but he continued to do the things that gave him happiness – namely, designing, travelling and painting throughout his final days. His wife, Jessica Weber said remembering him that they were blessed with a rich, full life; and that his disease could never take away what he loved. Peckolick was born in 1940 in…

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J.K.Rowling Entertainment News What's Hot 

J.K.Rowling announced richest author again

Last year’s successful “Harry Potter”bonanzahas restored J.K. Rowling as the richest author on the Forbes list yet again. It’s mostly all credit to ‘Potter’ spin-offs like the “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” and the script and ticket sales of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” that earned Rowling $95 million over the past one year. She beat James Patterson to reclaim the top spot on the list- for the first time in nine years. 2017 also marks the 20th year of the first Harry Potter, making it a…

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Dunkirk Entertainment News What's Hot 

‘Dunkirk’ defeats ‘Emoji Movie’ at the Box Office

The most improbable battle surfaced at the box office this weekend between “The Emoji Movie” and “Dunkirk,” when a dead heat between the two gave way to Dunkirk emerging as the weekend’s first place film. This Warner Bros. production by Christopher Nolan out-performed last weekend’s box office collection of over $50 million. This only goes on to show that Nolan still has a strong draw, along with positive critical appreciation for his work. Despite lacking star power, and at the cost of being yet another World War II movie, the…

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Donald Trump Entertainment News What's Hot 

A play on Trump being written by Tony Kushner

Tony Kushner is best known for the deeply resounding play, “Angels in America”- which was a seven-hour, Pulitzer Prize-winning production centered around the AIDS epidemic under President Ronald Reagan. He also co-authored the screenplay of the Academy award-nominated film “Munich” and was the author of the screenplay for the Oscar-winning film “Lincoln.” Now Tony Kushner is in the initial stages of developing a play on Trump. In an interview, Kushner confirmed this – referring to Trump’s ascendance to the White House as a nightmare. Although, he feels that it is…

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Agatha Christie Entertainment News What's Hot 

Agatha Christie is all set to come to Amazon

Amazon has murders planned. Now, before you rush to report this, let us tell you that the streaming service giant recently bought the rights of Agatha Christie’s novels. The first adaptation will be of Christie’s 1958 novel Ordeal of Innocence. Already being worked on in the U.K., production on the series began earlier this month. The ensemble cast already signed on, include Catherine Keener of “Get Out,” Matthew Goode of “The Good Wife,” Bill Nighy of “Love Actually,” Ed Westwick of “Gossip Girl” and Ella Purnell of “Maleficent”. This bloodthirsty…

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