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Game of Thrones Entertainment News What's Hot 

Spoilers of the Game of Thrones spinoff by Screenwriter

Game of Thrones fans may not be completely dejected after this present season ends, because they might find some find solace in its spinoff (or rather, spinoffs), which will be rolled out after the Season 8 of GoT wraps up. At this point we are not quite sure about what exactly will follow this immensely popular series. But, we do know that HBO is in the process of developing four spinoffs by four different writer groups. All four spinoffs will involve author George R.R. Martin, although, it’s not certain if…

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Trump News What's Hot World 

Trump and First Lady withdraw themselves from an historical event

The White House has already been facing quite a few boycotts by different honorees. And now, it announced that President Trump and first lady will not be participating in this year’s annual Kennedy Center Honors ceremony. This is being done in order to avoid any political distraction for the recipients of the prestigious award. This arts and humanities award, which go back as long as 40 years, and is presented every December at a ceremony at the Kennedy Center, rewards honorees for their lifelong contribution to arts and the positive…

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Essential News Technology What's Hot 

How essential is the new Essential?

When you call a smartphone “Essential”, it itself is a very bold step. It suddenly comes under the scanner and people want to know how it’s different from the high-end smartphones we already carry. But, the fact is – It isn’t. The Essential phone is a debutant product from a company called Essential Products. It was conceived by Andy Rubin, the person who was behind the Android operating system, and who later joined Google when Android was acquired. The phone looks and feels like a well-made superior handset the moment…

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overdose deaths Lifestyle News What's Hot 

Rise in Teen overdose deaths is shocking

According to the new federal data on overdose deaths, the persistent opioid crisis has impacted the American teens in the last years. Within a span of just one year between 2014-2015, surged from 3.1 deaths per 100,000 teens to 3.7, which is about 19% – in the age group of 15 to 19. This data was released by the National Centers for Health Statistics. In 2015 alone, drug overdose costed 772 lives of teenagers. And, the surprising thing is that most of this overdose deaths were not intentional. This jaw-dropping…

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Jennifer Aniston Entertainment News What's Hot 

Aniston is still being shamed by the Media after a year of publishing powerful Op-Ed

It was sometime early last year when Jennifer Aniston had written an essay, which was pretty forthright in pointing out the relentless pursuit of tabloids and celebrity gossip sites in scrutinizing every aspect of her personal life. At that point, the actor was tired of being dragged under the radar, being body-shamed and ripped apart in media – which led to her candid write-up. She had written that, from the way she has been stalked and objectified for decades only reflected how people calculate a woman’s earth – which included,…

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This is what North Korea wants from U.S.

Steps to deter a U.S. attack against North Korea is the reason why North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is in a hurry to develop nuclear missiles which can reach United States. In the possibility of a future talk with the Trump administration aimed at defusing this very dangerous crisis that both the countries are presently at, these are at least four of Kim’s probable demands — although, it’s a far cry that all of these would be met. Assurance that U.S. will not overthrow North Korea Considering previous instances…

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Smartphone News Technology What's Hot 

Track your car with your Smartphone now

Cars go missing from the parking lot all the time. Now, you don’t have to install a costly GPS system to keep a tab on your missing car anymore. There is now a way to track your car without digging a hole in your pocket. A startup company based in California has come up with a tiny device that works with your smartphone, to locate your car. The Tracker or ‘TrackR’, as it is called, is a state-of-the-art tracking device – the size of a quarter. And, it’s already revolutionizing…

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asleep Lifestyle News What's Hot 

Learn about new things while you are asleep

It is not news anymore that your mind is awake, even when you are sleeping. According to earlier research, sleep helps you store your memories. But not only are you registering old information, you may actually be learning new information while your eyes are closed – according to a new study. In a publication in the journal Nature Communications, the human brain is capable of forming fresh memories during sleep. While researchers played complicated sound patterns, participants were recording Zs. Later, it was found that the snoozers were able to…

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