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Microsoft’s dwindling revenues Technology What's Hot 

Microsoft will enable users to choose time of security updates

Windows 10 users will now be able to choose a comfortable time for the security updates to their systems, instead of being forced into it. This has followed after users complained that these updates are disruptive, as they cannot be postponed. Microsoft confirmed that people using Windows 10 will now be able to schedule a security update anytime within three days of receiving an update notification. However, some experts are of the belief that postponing security updates can be risky. This concept is not a new one, as Apple already…

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Daily Mantra is the mantra for this teacher from Memphis

Michael Scruggs, a teacher at Memphis, Tennessee, charter high school starts his classes with an inspirational mantra. Scruggs runs around the classroom with the children repeating the mantra after him. “I am number One” is one of the mantras that all 150 of Scrugg’s students chant every single day. Other similar motivational mantras include “I am successful”, “I woke up with a purpose” etc. Scruggs is a 37-year old teaching veteran, who is in the first year of teaching at the W.E.B. Du Bois School of Leadership and Public Policy….

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Emma Watson back on big screen Entertainment News 

Emma Watson has openly refused to take selfies with fans

Emma Watson, who is being seen promoting her upcoming film, The Beauty and the Beast across the world, openly declared that she no longer wishes to click selfies with her fans. She says that the decision is purely out of a safety concern; and that clicking a picture with her fans instantly gets relayed across social media platforms informing every one of her whereabouts. She wants her whereabouts to remain private to the world. It is however, not a total disappointment for her fans, as she said that she is…

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Mobile search results for apps prettied up by Google News Technology 

Sony launches slow motion phone

Sony’s latest launch is capable of giving Samsung and iPhones a run for their money. Sony Xperia XZ Premium comes with a feature that lets you take smooth slow motion videos about 4 times the rate at which a Samsung or iPhone does. The phone captures videos at up to 960 frames per second (fps). This has been possible because of a new type of image sensor that has an in-built memory of its own. Although Sony can’t really pride itself of a huge mobile market space, it usually has…

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Demi Lovato trolled after disclosing reports of her Ancestry test

Being trolled on social media platforms doesn’t really need a big reason anymore. And this statement was substantiated with the recent trolls aimed at pop star Demi Lovato after she disclosed that she is 1 percent African. Demi Lovato was struck by a firestorm of trolls after she disclosed the reports of her ancestry test, which revealed that she is 1 percent African. Twitter pretty much led the show, with thousands of people taking on the social media platform to shoot hate remarks at her. Lovato revealed that she’s a…

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Facebook Messenger update eliminates the need to have a Facebook account News Technology What's Hot 

Facebook launches new features for advertising job openings

Facebook has put new features for the professionals in its social network platform. Although a lot of companies are already on Facebook, the latter confirmed that it has taken the capabilities a notch higher, as companies now will get enhanced job search capabilities incorporated within their pages. The businesses in Canada and US will now be able to use the company’s new jobs bookmark to list their vacancies and allow job seekers to apply directly from the site. Additionally, administrators of these pages can now track applicants and communicate directly…

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Netflix Logo News Technology 

Netflix just earned its most prestigious jewel

Netflix just acquired a $100 million title in the form of a Martin Scorsese directed gangster flick, called The Irishman. The movie stars Robert De Niro, and was initially supposed to be produced by Paramount – which also released Scorsese’s previous film, ‘Silence’. However, with Paramount’s rocky financial 2016, and with Brad Grey leaving Paramount after 12 years, Scorsese decided to try Netflix. The other thing also is that Paramount at the moment is not in a position to take on a risky proposition – the one a Scorsese film…

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2% of people have this condition which makes them feel what others feel

Synesthesia, a condition in which people supposedly ‘hear’ colors and ‘see’ sound took a new surprising form. It is found that people with mirror-touch synesthesia feel ‘being touched’ when they see someone else being touched. This condition may sound a lot like empathy, because it makes people imagine undergoing the same sensation, and sometimes even have a physical reaction to what someone else might be feeling. But it’s hardly as simple as that. This condition occurs when a person’s tactile and visual senses get mixed up, and 2 out of…

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