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U.S. is warning travelers of tainted alcoholic drinks

After several people experienced blackouts or got unwell after drinking at local resorts, U.S. is warning its travelers to Mexico about a possible tainted alcoholic drink. Last week, a warning was issued on the State Department’s information page for Mexico – urging tourists and travelers to drink with caution.

The warning suggested that as some allegations have been reported that consumption of below-standard or tainted alcohol has resulted in illness or blacking outs, people should display caution while drinking any alcoholic beverage; and must seek medical attention if they begin to feel unwell.

Earlier this year, a student of Wisconsin college, Abby Conner, drowned after drinking in a resort pool near Playa del Carmen. There was an investigation published in a local paper, and more people had later come forward to share similar experiences of blackouts, sickness, and injuries after drinking drugged beverages at resorts in and around Playa del Carmen and Cancun.

In a report in the Journal Sentinel, the Mexican Tax Administration Service had reported in 2015, that more than 40% of alcohol consumed in the country was illegal, which are produced in unregulated circumstances.

Several reports of blackout-inducing alcohol have been from accounts of guests at Iberostar resorts, although reports pertaining to similar incidents were reported at other properties, too.

Iberostar, in its defense said that, they maintained a high standard of quality in their food and beverages in the daily operation of their resorts. They further added that they worked with food and beverage providers who are verified and whose products comply with the highest quality standards guaranteeing satisfaction and safety.

The crux of the matter is, no matter where you travel, it never hurts to pay extra attention to what you are drinking and how much – so that you don’t put yourself at unnecessary risk.

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