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Track your car with your Smartphone now

Cars go missing from the parking lot all the time. Now, you don’t have to install a costly GPS system to keep a tab on your missing car anymore. There is now a way to track your car without digging a hole in your pocket.

A startup company based in California has come up with a tiny device that works with your smartphone, to locate your car.

The Tracker or ‘TrackR’, as it is called, is a state-of-the-art tracking device – the size of a quarter. And, it’s already revolutionizing the way we want to stay updated about the important things in our lives. This device can be easily installed on your smartphone, synced with your phone – and there you go!

And, it’s not only cars. You can connect the device to anything – keys, briefcase, wallet or any of your other gadgets, all of which we so easily lose all the time. The entire process of downloading and setting it up just takes 5 mins or less.

Now you can forget expensive tracking devices and GPS systems.And, with that, you can also do away with expensive monthly subscription fees. The TrackR can be hidden under the car’s floor mat, or in the glove compartment; or any other place, from where it cannot be easily found by anyone, when the car gets stolen.

So, if you happen to forget where you have parked your car, just bring out your smartphone and after opening the TrackR app, simply tap on the “lost item” icon on the screen – and the app will tell you the precise coordinates of the last known location of the TrackR.

The TrackR comes for just $29. And, that’s a very small price to pay for your peace of mind.

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