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Spoilers of the Game of Thrones spinoff by Screenwriter

Game of Thrones fans may not be completely dejected after this present season ends, because they might find some find solace in its spinoff (or rather, spinoffs), which will be rolled out after the Season 8 of GoT wraps up.

At this point we are not quite sure about what exactly will follow this immensely popular series. But, we do know that HBO is in the process of developing four spinoffs by four different writer groups. All four spinoffs will involve author George R.R. Martin, although, it’s not certain if all four will be picked up for full seasons. These spinoffs will be prequels and will not be featuring any of the GoT characters. Also, show runners Dan Benioff and D.B. Weiss will be moving away, to dedicate more time to their nascent and already controversial alternative historical series, “Confederate.”

Screenwriter and producer, Jane Goldman is managing one of the spinoffs with Martin. And in a very vague response during of her interviews she suggested, that the spinoffs will be to the liking of the fans.

Some speculations suggest that the network might rewind the spinoff to couple decades prior to the actual events of “Game of Thrones” – to show Robert’s Rebellion, and the uprising led by now-former King Robert Baratheon and his friend Ned Stark. However, if we try to read into Goldman’s words, we may deduce that she is actually referring to a time period in a more distant past beyond Robert’s Rebellion. Some others speculate that one of the spinoffs could be about Old Valyria, the magical city that lies in ruins on “Game of Thrones.”

Whatever HBO chooses to show to its audiences, they won’t transpire until at least 2019, or at least 2018.

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