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This is what North Korea wants from U.S.

Steps to deter a U.S. attack against North Korea is the reason why North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is in a hurry to develop nuclear missiles which can reach United States.

In the possibility of a future talk with the Trump administration aimed at defusing this very dangerous crisis that both the countries are presently at, these are at least four of Kim’s probable demands — although, it’s a far cry that all of these would be met.

Assurance that U.S. will not overthrow North Korea

Considering previous instances where states like Iraq, where former dictator Saddam Hussein was overthrown by the United States, he would like to ensure that his regime is not treated in the same way; and the only way to ensure that is through nuclear ambitions.

Retain its nuclear Weapons

North Korea has repeatedly said that it does not want to give up its nuclear weapons. The U.S. has not accepted North Korea as a nuclear power; but it might have to accept that the country is indeed sitting on a stockpile of nuclear armaments.

Lift Sanctions

After the recent sanctions approved unanimously by the United Nations Security Council on the ban of North Korean exports of coal, iron ore, iron and others worth $1 billion, North Korea has alleged U.S. of driving the former to the edge of a nuclear war. So, lifting the ban is a demand U.S. can expect from North Korea.

Remove U.S. Troops from South Korea

28,000 U.S. troops are stationed in South Korea, out of a total of 680,000 military personnel. North Korea may very much want to demilitarize South Korea of U.S. troops, to say the least.

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