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Gender discrimination may lead Google to a lawsuit

There is a possibility of a legal action being taken against Google on charges of sexism and pay disparities between their male and female employees. More than 60 women, including current and former employees of Google said that they may take legal action against the tech giant.

Some of the women have accused that Google paid them less than their male counterparts despite having equal qualifications and holding similar positions. Some others claimed a hostile work environment in the organization toward women which hurt their career advancement.

This potential lawsuit would be built on a case brought by the U.S. Department of Labor that charged Google of sexism in pay variation and convinced the judge to make Google provide its salary records.

A recent incident also pointed at a male software engineer, James Damore, who provided a 10-page manifesto, wherein he described his cynicism of the company’s diversity initiatives– suggesting that there are more men employed in the technology industry because of biological differences.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that Damore’s memo had broken the company’s code of conduct and indicated towards gender stereotypes, which were harmful. But, at the same time, he asserted that a lot of what is in the memo was debatable.

It is also reported that Damore is exploring his own legal options, which may include suing the tech giant for unlawful firing.

Civil rights attorney James Finberg, who is representing the female employees, after his interview with around 30 women who may be part of the case -found that there was a clear evidence of gender biasand discrimination at the company.

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