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Facebook rolls out another measure to regain Trust

Surrounded by charges of allowing fake news stories to permeate during the 2016 election cycle, Facebook has now began rolling out a feature which will focus on regaining the lost trust of its members. This feature will now typically surround controversial stories with related news stories with different perspectives. This will allow the readers to perceive where the truth lies.

Facebook started testing the Related Articles feature, offering different perspectives on stories that fact checkers have signed off as incorrect or fake – including some coverage by legit news organizations.

Facebook has also upgraded its machine learning technology to raise an alarm at potential hoax stories and send them to third-party fact checkers. Following such a review, additional stories may be posted showing related articles under the original post.

Facebook has been under the scanner from the time of the 2016 election cycle for permitting fake news to permeate on the network. Mark Zuckerberg had also taken some criticism for not being able to Facebook’s role as a de facto provider of news and information to readers.

The company in January this year, employed former CNN and NBC broadcaster Campbell Brown to lead its news partnerships group. His role will be to liaise with more traditional media organizations and help the social media platform to stick to journalistic standards in terms of the content that is allowed in users’ News Feeds.

It has also been observed that ad placements next to fake news is increasingly becoming a problem by both the ad and the publishing communities.

Historically, Facebook’s equation with traditional media has been somewhat questionable;as many big news sites have found their articles and videos posted on the network for free, with no way of recovering revenue from the same.

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