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David Mueller’s lawsuit against Taylor Swift thrown out of the window

David Mueller’s lawsuit against Taylor Swift has been thrown out by a Denver judge. In a statement, U.S. District Judge William J. Martinez said that it cannot be proved that the former KYGO radio DJ was fired by Taylor Swift.

Mueller, who is 55 years old, sued Swift last year for damages, and had said that Swift had falsely accused him of groping her. He had also claimed that Swift and her team had pressured station management to suspend him from his $150,000-per-year job.

The judge concluded that Swift had not acted inappropriately. Although, Martinez did say that there’s evidence which points towards a damages claim over the KYGO contract – but that does not include future earnings. This means, that Mueller can only sue only for up to $300,000, the amount remaining on his contract.

Swift’s attorney Douglas Baldridge argued that Mueller’s grievance was with KYGO, and not with his client. He added that KYGO had wronged him, but he didn’t sue KYGO.

The judge’s decision however, does not affect Swift’s assault case against Mueller. She will be suing for $1 and rather wants her case to be an example to other women who may want to resist reliving such humiliating acts publicly.

The case was rested by Mueller’s team on Friday, after hearing the testimony from Swift’s former bodyguard Greg Dent. The latter testified that he had seen Mueller reach under Swift’s skirt before they were snapped by a photographer during the now-infamous meet-and-greet. However, Dent hadn’t interfered because he did not get any cues from Swift.

Both parties will now have 60 minutes for closing statements and for opening statement and rebuttal.

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