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How can a devastating war with North Korea be avoided?

The probability of a cataclysmic war on the Korean Peninsula is so threatening, that U.S. and North Korea are being urged by its allies and China to try and settle the matter with dialogue and arrive at a diplomatic solution.

There could be several small strategic steps which can be taken, including a suspension of damaging threats, acknowledgment of the fact that North Korea is a nuclear-armed state and total freeze on nuclear weapon tests by Kim.

But, having chalked out all the possibilities of a peace treaty, none of it will be easy, because Trump already announced that his previous warning of unleashing “fire and fury” on North Korea wasn’t strong enough.

At the same time, however, Trump also said he was open to negotiations to bridge the gap between his objective of making Kim give up his nuclear weapons, and the latter’s insistence on the contrary as a safety net, in case U.S. attempts to overthrow North Korea.

Former Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush’s diplomatic efforts with North Korea only resulted in reversing of agreements to curb their weapon programs. Hence, diplomatic talks could also be risky.

Analysts opine that both the sides could try to lower the word play; because more the threats, worse the situation. So far none of the two sides have really relented in throwing threats at each other; and if North Korea doesn’t stop this, they will be creating a lot of trouble for themselves.

On Thursday, North Korea retaliated by threatening that it was developing plans to fire missiles near a U.S. territory in the Pacific, called Guam, a place with considerable U.S. military presence.

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