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Aniston is still being shamed by the Media after a year of publishing powerful Op-Ed

It was sometime early last year when Jennifer Aniston had written an essay, which was pretty forthright in pointing out the relentless pursuit of tabloids and celebrity gossip sites in scrutinizing every aspect of her personal life. At that point, the actor was tired of being dragged under the radar, being body-shamed and ripped apart in media – which led to her candid write-up.

She had written that, from the way she has been stalked and objectified for decades only reflected how people calculate a woman’s earth – which included, in part, all the stories of pregnancy surrounding her. She had expressed her resentment in the essay, and said that she felt inferior because of being written about her body.

Although Aniston had hoped that things would move for the better, it appears that nothing had really changed in the last year. She said, that she apprehended that all this could actually affect young woman. The main reason behind the tabloids’ shaming the human body is primarily because, they have already categorized the human body into some sections. They are either body-shaming, fat-shaming or childless-shaming. She said that it’s beyond her to comprehend why people feel the need to bully people who entertain them.

Aniston has been a proverbial food for the tabloid for the longest time now. And although, she has learned to shut the media around her, she still remains very agitated by the way media has been disrespectful towards people’s personal decisions.

She feels that everyone is perfect just the way they are and no matter what, some personal things shouldn’t be questioned.

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