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Things Flight attendants notices when passengers board a plane

You may think that flight attendants don’t have to do anything with flight safety, they are just there to pour you drinks and greet you at the door. But in reality, they actually also keep an eye on you starting the very moment you board to detect if there’s any threat or any safety issue for you.

Jay Robert, a flight attendant and founder of Fly Guy have said Passengers would be surprised by the number of threats flight attendants eliminate. Several flight attendants were asked what they notice about passengers when they board a plane. Most of their answers don’t have much to do with the passengers-in-flight look but more about passengers safety. Here’s what they notices:

If the passenger looks them in the eye: Flight attendants notices which passenger makes eye contact and who doesn’t. Attendants most often investigate those who doesn’t make eye contact. They investigate if the passenger is scared of flying or are they feeling okay or do they have any personal issue. Attendants notices these things to try to help them and to make sure everyone is having a comfortable flying experience.

If the passenger is drunk: Intoxication and aggressive passengers are the prime suspects that flight attendants try to identify at the doors. Though they are trained in basic taekwondo techniques to handle any unwanted circumstances in the sky, their main goal is always to stop aggressive passengers before getting up.

Flight attendants also notices who can be emergency service personnel, can help in an emergency evacuation.

If a passenger responds to flight attendants greetings they might get extra care and facilities. Flight attendants always give priorities to nice passengers.

If a passenger is Fit to Fly: Once a plane is on the sky it can be very challenging to handle medical emergencies. So they always try to detect if any passenger is not fit enough to board the plane. They also always look for pregnant women as after a certain period pregnant women are not allowed to fly or needs doctors certificate.

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