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Texas deaths a sad reminder of Human Trafficking

The news of the horrifying discovery of dead bodies and some other near-death immigrants in an 18-wheeler trailer truck last weekend made headlines and shook the immigrant community in America.

The incident is, however, just one in a string of deaths that comes with these migrants trying to enter U.S. illegally; more so, because Mexican-based organized crime rings become deeply involved in human trafficking.

Immigrants primarily die from dehydration walking across the desert-like areas in South Texas. Some even drown trying to cross the Rio Grande, and are left there to die by petty smugglers.

Bodies of more than 600 immigrants have been found in Brooks County in South Texas since 2004.The latest discovery was that of abody of a male migrant on a private ranch, about 160 miles south of the Walmart parking lot, where the immigrants were found in the trailer truck. His face was half-eaten by buzzards.

Ten people had died in the trailer truck incident and around 20 were rushed to nearby hospitals – who were suffering from extreme dehydration and heatstroke. According to a survivor,there were around 200 people in the trailer for the entire 150-mile journey from Laredo to San Antonio.

The driver of the trailer truck has been charged by Federal officials for knowingly transporting people in the country illegally. He is most likely to face life sentence or the death penalty. In his defense, the driver told investigators that he was not aware of his cargo and discovered the bodies only later when he stopped in the Walmart parking lot.

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