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The Police Chief of Minneapolis resigned amidst the shooting of the Australian woman

At the request of the city’s mayor, the Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau resigned on Friday night as she came under the radar after the shooting of an Australian woman who called 911.

In a statement released Friday, Harteau said that she had decided to step aside and make way for a new team of leadership to take over and see what more could be done for the Minneapolis Police Department to be the very best.

Mayor Betsy Hodges affirmed that although Harteau had served the city for 3 decades with a lot of determination, vision and strength, the latter can’t do the job any longer.

Harteau said that she was proud of the work she did, but this incident which involved the shooting of a 40-year-old Justine Damond by one of her officers, and other related incidents, have caused her to introspect. She also added that in her 30 years of service, she has always put her community above everything else, despite the many achievements MPD has had.

In this particular incident, Damond, a 40-year-old life coach and bride-to-be was killed by an officer who was responding to her 911 call for a possible rape.Harteau was out of the city on vacation for almost a week following the shooting incident.

The state is now investigating the shooting. In response to the incident, Harteau’s first remarks indicated that she was sharply critical of Officer Mohamed Noor – while defending his training. She said that such actions and judgments are solely of the individual in question and are in every way against who or how the policemen are trained.

People marched through Minneapolis in honor of Damond but her friends, neighbors and community members who were present said that the march was also to seek justice for all people impacted by police violence.

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