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A play on Trump being written by Tony Kushner

Tony Kushner is best known for the deeply resounding play, “Angels in America”- which was a seven-hour, Pulitzer Prize-winning production centered around the AIDS epidemic under President Ronald Reagan. He also co-authored the screenplay of the Academy award-nominated film “Munich” and was the author of the screenplay for the Oscar-winning film “Lincoln.”

Now Tony Kushner is in the initial stages of developing a play on Trump. In an interview, Kushner confirmed this – referring to Trump’s ascendance to the White House as a nightmare. Although, he feels that it is too early for him or anyone to building a perception about someone who has just held office for half a year. But, he is writing it. Nonetheless.

It is reported that the play wouldn’t necessarily center around Donald Trump. Instead, it will focus more on the two years leading on to his election as the President of United States. It is also being told that the pre-White House character won’t be symbolic of Trump; and rather would unequivocally be Trump.

When Kushner was asked what he thought of Trump, he said that according to him, Trump didn’t look like someone who would stick next to a party. He also added that comparisons made between Trump and Hitler were not random. Comparing Regan with Trump, he said that although the former was disgusting, he was not as venal as Trump.

Kushner’s play may not be completed before Trump ends his first term. In the interim, those who are interested in reading a few similar takes on the Trump rule can check out Naomi Klein’s No Is Not Enough, Howard Jacobson’s Pussy, or stick around for Salman Rushdie’s The Golden House, due to release this September.

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