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Milan have had enough with selfie sticks

Town hall of one of the most touristic cities in the world, Milan has had enough with the selfie sticks. And to be honest, anyone can understand why.

Milan’s town hall has banned selfie sticks from the city’s historic Darsena Docklands area. The ban is applied from the beginning of this summer.

The news site “The Local” said the reason for the ban is anti-social behavior of tourists and younger locals in the city center.  Selfie sticks aren’t the only objects to be red flagged though. Containers, tins, glass bottles, firecrackers, and fireworks have been banned as well.

Selfie sticks are vastly popular now as they allow people take pictures of themselves that prove they were actually at some location though cannot be defined as perfectly taken photographs. Use of this sticks have turned into the level of madness and has spread worldwide and people in numbers have also died trying to take selfies at risky places and positions. They are also clumsy to hold and in some cases even been used as makeshift weapons.

Crackdown on this sticks started in 2015 when a number of art galleries declared a ban on this accessory. Later, Wimbledon banned this accessory from any part of the grounds.

The major ban came in June of 2015 when Disney officially declared that they will ban selfie sticks from all of their parks quoting them as a potential health and safety hazard.

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