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Mental Health is the focus on Netflix. But, will that help?

Increased awareness of mental health is leading to more conversations about its effects. But not all the efforts to draw attention to this subject have had positive results. And now, the line between what’s positive and what’s not is no longer clear as Netflix and other entertainment providers are managing mental health issues.

“To The Bone,” a movie, released few days back on Netflix, follows the life of a young woman named Ellen, who is receiving treatment for anorexia. The film has received mixed reactions for its candid and detailed portrayal of eating disorders. Some are advocating that the way the show brings out the pain and honesty of someone dealing with eating disorders is something really commendable; and people who are in recovery should be grateful to the show, for the awareness.

Some also opine that these shows are talking about topics that we should be talking about. It is how we talk about certain situations, that actually makes all the difference.

But, on the other hand, some people are saying that what people watch has real-life implications; and people who have not experienced any sort of eating disorder may be uncomfortable watching the show. “To The Bone” is one such show which attempts to make viewers see that eating disorder is a form of serious illness; and not something that can be cured by consuming a meal.

Fact of the matter is, a movie or a TV series can’t cater to every person who watches these. And if the objective is entertainment, it likely will defy what mental health advocates consider ethical when it comes to portraying these mental health issues. But again, a little awareness won’t harm, after all!

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