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Glas unveiled by Microsoft. And what more? It teams with Cortana

A smart thermostat, Glas was launched by Microsoft and Johnson Controls this week. This smart thermostat operates on Microsoft’s Windows 10 IoT Core – a special operating system specifically designed for smaller devices. Glas also uses Microsoft’s voice assistant Cortana and its Azure Cloud to help users save energy and monitor air quality in the home, all at once.

Domestic Heating and cooling systems account for approximately 48% of energy used, making it the largest chunk of energy expense for most households. The same in commercial buildings account for almost 40% of total energy costs.

With the in-built Cortana, Glas could come in handy here. Overall, there has been an increase in popularity of thermostats that are remotely controlled through a smartphone. But, what sets Glas apart is, that this includes sensors which can identify and detect when the room is occupied and adjusts the temperature accordingly.

Similar to its closest competition, from Nest and Hive, Glas smart thermostat is made in a way to lower energy costs by maintaining desirable temperatures in the parts of a building which are more occupied, compared to the parts which aren’t. Additionally, Glas monitors both indoor and outdoor air quality. From what it looks, it can be comparable to Nest.

Voice control can be a differentiating feature for Glas. Users can tell the temperature they want and will be able to adjust other settings. What sets it apart from Google’s Nest is that it is the first thermostat which uses Cortana to support its voice commands.

The smart thermostat market is still an unexplored one. And it might stay that way because of the costs that come with it.

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